Alexa Keating

What's it all about?

Lightworking - A spiritual networking dedicated to the ascension of the planet and humanity to a quantum level of awareness; world peace, healing, compassion, connecting, sharing and caring. An intent to awaken ancient memories with consciousness that lifts all mankind to a higher place!

I join so many people on our planet in giving thanks that our consciousness continues to be elevated to a place where integrity, honor, compassion and generosity define humanity, for this is the way to the light.

This is not an elite "new age' group of people any longer, but has thankfully become an accepted progression to peace on our planet and to restoring the best of humanity in our every day lives. 

There is nothing to join, no fees to pay; just a simple prayer that we all hold this vision in light and love each day as we reach out with our own inner light to touch all that exists around us in a loving and compassionate manner.

This is a profound time on our planet and we are blessed to be a part of this event. It is about building a new, more compassionate and loving planet where mankind respects one another and our planet; one that demands integrity in all things and reaches out in love to one another. Whatever we do with pure intent will always manifest in the light.   Yep, this is a call to action;  I am inviting you to become a light worker and join in the effort where we can all make a difference!  And so it is....