Prior to her career as an Author/Columnist Alexa earned a well-respected reputation as a commercial and residential Design Specialist with a career that began in 1976 and continues through today. Among her accomplishments, she was the founder and creator  of a highly successful Mortgage Banking Company, Real Estate Agency, Land Development and Leasing Company. Alexa is listed in Who's Who in American Women in Business, Finance and Industry spanning multiple years. 

Her home creations helped to create winning residential development projects from Ohio to Florida. She is most notably remembered by her ability to work with each home buyer to create a home reflecting each buyers unique personality, showcased in an elegant and natural design.  Alexa's commercial designs include award winning and much celebrated retail store window and floor displays that were photographed and filmed by an international audience while frequently drawing gasps of surprise and awe, always bringing unsurpassed sales.

 Her notable skill in conceptual decors has earned her a reputation as a premiere decorator. Her passion for home decor is reflected in the beautiful surroundings that she creates.  Alexa's ability to collaborate with architects, her own group of contractors, and her clients have earned her a well deserved reputation as a true professional.

Born and raised near Cincinnati Ohio, Alexa  relocated to Florida in 1999 where she continued her pursuit of decor and real estate development in Fort Myers and throughout south Florida. She now resides in Fort Myers Florida. 

During her early years in Florida she worked as a 900 Adviser for a Psychic hotline. She quickly became popular with a wide audience who waited in line to speak with her. She bonded with the clients and worked on solutions with them. The time spent with the public, many of whom were suffering,  greatly influenced some of her personal empowerment books and articles.

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Little ' Annie Belle' 
RIP  11/07/2018

Fun Facts!

During those long months and years after losing my youngest son I spent a lot of time alone; it was necessary, if lonely. Little Annie Belle came to me as a rescue dog; my daughter-in-law recovered on a highway in Ocala. We were inseparable for years as she became my very best and sometimes only friend in sight. Annie died nearly 12 years later but certainly she was there for all of my earlier writing. RIP Baby Annie.

Alexa Keating

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While it seems that I have spent most of my life writing something, my first effort at a novel was 'Make it Mine!' released in December 2011. Currently 32 books are published and available to the readers in addition to 500 published articles. 'The Lions Crossing' is the most recently published book.

My most beloved job was being a mother to my three sons. My youngest son died in 2012, easily the most difficult time in my life. 'Drowning in My Tears' was written about his death and published 90 days after he died.  As we waited for the facts to emerge I found great solace in writing. Never rest on your laurels! I know that my reputation is only as good as my last effort at writing.

I have spent most of my life pursuing a greater level of spiritual awareness. It has been a journey worth traveling, filled with miracles and learning experiences. The most important writing goal for me is that my words be healing, transformative, informative and humorous whenever possible; laughter lifts the soul! I appreciate every person who takes the time to peruse, read and share my work with me.