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And so it is with mankind; we build science fiction stories about time machines and create all kinds of complicated scenarios about time travel, many arriving at the conclusion that the people who believe in these stories are loons. We refuse to accept that there is a simple method available to every human being; one that we brought with us into our life fully equipped to use.

Some may curiously examine the concept of time travel, but most simply do not believe it exists outside the big screen science fiction dramas. If it were possible and that simple, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Of course; they are.


eBOOK ASIN: B00GS77X0E  ASIN: 1493771949

When personal desires are obstructed, anger arises. We know that anger is a mask fear dons to ‘fit in; to hide from the truth. The fear then must be that we are afraid we cannot have what we desire.At this point we have two opportunities to deal with this; express or control the anger. By expressing it we create an attachment to the outcome, making us more determined to fulfill our desires. When this occurs we lose freedom as our actions form bonds; losing our memory of how we arrived at this point. This becomes a new more acceptable story in place of the truth. The real truth is repressed as we begin to ‘live’ our cover story, leading to hatred and jealousy. From there the mind further deviates to the stage of destruction.


​eBOOK ASIN: B07KYX96TY  ASIN: 1790530784​

Quantum Consciousness is a practical guideline to understanding and embracing planet Earth’s ascension into the 4th Dimension. Our planet has now entered the outer dimensions of this new multidimensional energy field. The new benefits available are infinite; we are in unchartered territory in any life journey. Learning to use quantum energy to your highest advantage allows you to reap the greatest benefits possible, even as we exist in those outer bands that portend a complete entry into a new dimension; if you are willing to move into the energy now. This book guides the reader to a place of understanding this new, benevolent energy. It is filled with useful exercises and information that will help you develop new approaches to understand this journey of unparalleled opportunities!


eBOOK ASIN: B00G14TXHA  ASIN: 1492775444​
How can you recognize signs from the nighest part of your consciousness? Discover the secret to receiving guidance and special gifts from those who are traveling on this journey with you, the guides who bring you enlightenment, security and protection, hope and unquestioning love. Life is an amazing journey if you are able to recognize your companions along the way!



eBOOK ASIN: B01NCWRGRC   ASIN: 1541112571

Many times people are uncomfortable around those who have experienced a deep and painful loss, even if they are friends. For the one who has endured the loss it is a pain filled and halting process to arrive at a place where you can speak at all and harder still to speak of the loss.

‘Miss You Like Crazy’ is a wonderful book filled with stand alone chapters that forge a path through the pain and the changes that seem fraught with peril into a new normal after losing someone you genuinely loved. It delivers a shared hug and the assurance that awful things can be bearable.


eBOOK  ASIN: B00GNR0OMS   ASIN: 1493712624

Journey takes the reader through a personal trip with spiritual guides and guardians, revealing secrets to building a successful life journey...

Remember that all that you discover is filtered through the lens of your own experiences. Every soul who embarks on their journey should be free to search for information as they will; but also should remain free to search not from the ideas and beliefs that others have provided to them in their life journey, but to search deep within themselves and find what is comfortable and real truth to their own soul. It is this that they should embrace as truth. At soul level, there is only truth; and to each, there exists their own truth that only they will recognize. It is a great disservice to lead others only to a path that you recognize as truth.


Ebook ASIN: B00HFFYWE8 ASIN: 1494726300

‘Bridge Across Tomorrow’ takes a close up and personal look at the best and the worst of life and the challenges and choices we are all faced with at some point. It provides insights, ideas and solutions to the good, the bad and the ugly in our society.This book runs the gauntlet from child abuse, bullying, domestic violence and loss to rebuilding the best of ourselves and regaining the things that matter. It speaks to children and adults, victims and perpetrators.It helps us to delve down deep within and find the things we may have forgotten that make us better than we used to be. And then, shows us how to use them.



eBOOK ASIN: B00KXBBP5A   ASIN: 1495204529

Since the beginning of recorded history, fear has been the motivating factor behind human emotion and significant change. It continues to be used as the most powerful tool in the toolbox of bullies who beat those around them with their bully club of fear. It is a powerful emotion that can be defeated and used to your own highest good.

'I Did Not Give You Fear' is a practical guide to defeating that paper tiger called FEAR that enslaves us, encourages us to tolerate and accept abuse, and defeats the most basic goals in our lives when we are caught in 'The Eye of the Tiger.'


eBook ASIN: B0181RKQVG  ASIN: 1519338791 

A powerfully inspirational and healing book for anyone who has suffered a loss that seems unendurable. The reader walks hand in hand through the darkest places of grief and emerges from being tattered and broken to a new kind of healing. This book is sad and funny and inspires all of us dare to dance through the pain. "Endings rarely arrive on the same sunbeam as dreams; the kind we imagine have passed through the darkness, filtered through the clouds, mingled with starlight, and found its way to our heart on the path of a sunbeam" begins the journey to cementing the pieces of your broken heart in to place.



“Reach out, take my hand and stand again, for this day I have set my hand again, and you have received all that you forgotten when you were created; this day you have received the knowledge that you are never alone, that you exist as a miracle, and that we have always been one.”

“Take my hand, walk with me and dream your dreams again, dream without fear of failure, dream knowing it is already done and that every image of failure is only an illusion. And even on the darkest night, look above you at the promise of the coming new day as the starlight dispels the darkest path. Know that I am with you even then.”

“Be still, and know that I am with you always.”

The master walked away from the hillside, the sun shining at his back. A hush had befallen the entire realm as the master spoke.


eBook ASIN: B00L4OVBI6  ASIN: 149917313X

Quantum is just a word until someone gives it meaning! Enter the world of quantum energy and discover the methods to identify and communicate with your own personal Guides, Guardians and Angels who walk this journey with you!

Living is so much easier in an energy that supports a positive and peaceful existence. Our children are born into a multi-dimensional world and they recognize it. They remember far more from the last life experience and move much quicker into becoming a whole and independent person. Time moves faster, information that has been hidden is now available, much longer and healthier lives will become the norm; our life path is changed, completely and forever.


eBOOK ASIN: B00GS7QDJ6  ASIN: 1494224941

Every life journey begins with a dream, a plan and the opportunities to make them come true. There is no promise more extraordinary than that of a newborn child who enters our life. Where then does the road go, where are the obstacles that alter the course of all that promise? The cause of those broken dreams many times originate when we are unduly influenced, even with the best of intentions, by those whose lives have been colored by their own experiences. This creates a filter of bias that interrupts our ability to see events in a clear and concise manner.


eBook  ASIN: B07ZXRK2W5  ASIN: 1704839246

The Lions Crossing provides vibrant inspiration with inspiring and empowering self-contained short stories that share ideas and solutions to daily issues in life. It is the beside book that shares ideas and thoughts that propel one from being lost in the jungle of life to a new self awareness and love for life.

Everyone has a well of personal power that may have been diminished and trampled on in the game of life. Many have been crushed beneath the weight of painful words and experiences that have altered the course of their life; reducing their sense of self-worth to nothingness by the words and actions of others. Fear not, there is a path to victory! Restoring the very best of the ‘you’ that was your life dream is possible and does have a road map to achieve that.

This book delivers a new and empowering way to play, understand and win the game!