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The most important writing goal for me is that my words be healing, transformative, informative and humorous whenever possible; laughter lifts the soul! Whether it is a new book, a promotion or just some fun facts and ideas to share with all of you, I'll be working hard to keep the information on this site current, topical and fun for all. Peruse at your pleasure and check back often; you never know when something new or fun will pop up for discussion or your enjoyment! Please contact me with comments, questions or suggestions.

The Lions Crossing

Everyone has a well of personal power; some have been diminished and trampled on in the game of life. Many have been crushed beneath the weight of painful words and experiences that have altered the course of their life.  Their sense of self-worth has been reduced to nothingness by the words and actions of others. This is the reason why the words of Abraham Hicks are so meaningful, “There is no reality beyond what you perceive.”

Fear not, for there is a path to victory! Restoring the very best of the ‘you’ that was your life dream is possible and does have a road map to achieve that.  The Lions Crossing  delivers a new and empowering way to play, understand and win the game!

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First, 'The Quantum Connection' and now the second in The Quantum Series 'Quantum Consciousness'.

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The Quantum Series

The Lions Crossing 

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 A vibrant place to share inspiring and empowering experiences, thoughts, and supportive ideas. Everyone has a well of personal power that may have been trampled on in the game of life. This blog delivers a new and empowering way to play, understand and win the game!

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​​A powerfully inspirational and healing book for anyone who has suffered a loss that seems unendurable. The reader walks hand in hand through the darkest places of grief and emerges from being tattered and broken to a new kind of healing. This book is sad and funny and inspires all of us dare to dance through the pain. "Endings rarely arrive on the same sunbeam as dreams; the kind we imagine have passed through the darkness, filtered through the clouds, mingled with starlight, and found its way to our heart on the path of a sunbeam" begins the journey to cementing the pieces of your broken heart in to place.

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